Personal Data

User ID: 254681
First name: La'Claire
Last name: Cross
Appearing Age Range: 8 to 15
Date of Birth: January, 7 2009
Parent or Guardian: CASHENNA CROSS
Valid Work Permit?: No
Talent type: Actor
Country: United States
State: Maryland
City: Glenarden
Zip/Postal Code: 20706
Closest City: Baltimore
Third City: Fairfax
Union Affiliations: Non-Union
Phone Number: 5717198784 (Mobile)
Phone 1: 4432074563 (Mobile)
Phone 2: 3017720836 (Home)
Manager/Management Company
Phone: 5717198784

Stats Setting

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Black
Hair Type: Afro
Hair Length: Shoulder
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 90
Ethnic Appearance: African American
Women Size
Dress: 12/14
Bust/Cup: 31 A
Pants: 12/14
Hip: 33 in
Waist: 26 in
Hat Size: medium
Shoe: 3
Glove Size: medium
Girls Sizes
Girl Size: 12/14
Kids Shoe: n/a
Toddlers: n/a
Toddlers Shoe: n/a
Infant: n/a

Language Spoken, Accents & Dialects

Languages: French, Spanish
Accents & dialects: French, Spanish, Southern


General sports: Aerobics, Bowling, Running, Ice skate, Jump rope, Trampoline
Swimming: Freestyle, Swimming (general)
Track & field: Relay, Long distance, Sprinter

Music & Dance

Singing: Musical theater, R&b, Pop
Vocal range: Alto, Mezzo-soprano, Soprano
Instruments: Piano, Sax, Organ, Viola
Band: Children’s
Dancing: Club / freestyle, Modern, Pop locking, Break, Hip hop

Combat Training

Stage combat training: -
Martial arts: -
Martial arts weapon training: -
Military training: -
General weapons training: -

Other Skills

Improv skills: Improv / general
Circus skills: Mime
Horse riding skills: Riding / general
Smoking: -
Driving skills: Atv
Miscellaneous skills: Comedian, Singer, Video games, Hosting, Teleprompter, Whistler
Stunts: -

Modeling Skills

Modeling skills: -

Crew Skills

Crew skills: -

Additional Information

Travel: Yes
Acting: Yes