Elle Hauns
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Personal Data

User ID: 255535
First name: Elle
Last name: Hauns
Appearing Age Range: 6 to 10
Date of Birth: September, 3 2010
Parent or Guardian: LAURA HAUNS
Valid Work Permit?: No
Talent type: Actor
Country: United States
State: Maryland
City: Ijamsville
Zip/Postal Code: 21754
Closest City: Frederick, MD
Second City: Baltimore, MD
Third City: Washington DC
Phone Number: 6023677127 (Mobile)

Stats Setting

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dark brown
Hair Type: Long
Hair Length: Midback
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 60
Ethnic Appearance: Any, Asian, Caribbean, East Indian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Mixed, Native American
Women Size
Shoe: 4.5-5
Glove Size: XS
Girls Sizes
Girl Size: 6X-8
Kids Shoe: 4

Language Spoken, Accents & Dialects

Languages: -
Accents & dialects: -


General sports: Fishing, Archery, Cheer leeding, Gymnastics, Kayaking, Shooting, Jogging, Roller skate, Running, Snowboarder, Ice skate, Jump rope, Rock climbing, Roller-blade, Soccer, Trampoline
Swimming: Swimming (general)
Track & field: -

Music & Dance

Singing: Pop
Vocal range: -
Instruments: Violin
Band: Children’s
Dancing: Club / freestyle

Combat Training

Stage combat training: -
Martial arts: -
Martial arts weapon training: -
Military training: -
General weapons training: -

Other Skills

Improv skills: -
Circus skills: Hula hoop
Horse riding skills: Riding / general
Smoking: -
Driving skills: -
Miscellaneous skills: Video games, Chef
Stunts: Cheerleading, Snowboarding

Modeling Skills

Modeling skills: Advertising, Catalogue, Editorial, Fitness, Hands, Print, Show room, Commercial, Fashion, Glamour, Legs, Promo, Calendar, Convention, Foot, Hair, Runway

Crew Skills

Crew skills: -

Additional Information

Will not (work with): Alcohol, Nudity, Profanity, Kissing Scene, Kissing Scene with same Sex, Tobacco, Lingerie
I have: Visible Piercings
Travel: Yes
Acting: Yes