Who We Are

Seasoned industry professionals who had the vision that the future of submissions will be a centralized hub where all castings will take place first conceptualized Casting in April 2001 when the Internet was still in its infancy. Work on and around Casting began in 2006 and we consider Casting to be THE “most advanced” central marketplace for auditions, jobs and casting call resources for actors, models, dancers, musicians and production crew.

Casting is now, and shall remain, a commercial networking service designed to assist those seeking opportunities in modeling, acting, or other careers within the entertainment industry to get Internet exposure, networking resources and tools to match such talent with available listings of auditions and casting calls.

Our site is not open to the public and the exclusivity of joining Casting is currently offered to only a select few who have been invited as a “Verified Member” on our site through live evaluations by a Casting Talent Advisor.

Casting has well-established relationships with prominent talent and in an effort to better serve our members we have also created the most sophisticated and dynamic online platform in the industry. Casting Directors, talent agencies, modeling agencies, Managers producers and successful independent filmmakers can meet and audition the best old and new talent in the business.

As industry professionals, Casting knows more about the needs of the actor and model community than anyone and has thoughtfully developed the tools needed to help you find success. Online submissions are the way of the future and we are leading our members by giving them their own personal webpage to find success.

Members of Casting form a global and diverse network of talent, all sharing similar goals – to locate auditions, land their dream job or continue their success in the entertainment industry. If you are wondering who Casting members are, the answer is easy – fellow actors, models, musicians, dancers, agents and casting directors, producers and independent filmmakers. Members of Casting form a global and diverse network of talent, all sharing similar goals – to locate auditions, land their dream job or continue their success in the entertainment industry.

What We Do

At Casting, our mission is simple: we help actors and models find auditions, land their dream job or continue their success in the entertainment industry. We work with new talent to find auditions that are most suited to their unique strengths highlighting what they bring to the work.

The actor and model members of Casting are serious about booking work and fulfilling their dreams. Casting puts them in control of their careers, helping them to find that perfect audition, or book that dream job and form lasting relationships in the industry. Getting in touch with casting directors, agent and managers is now as easy as clicking on any one of the thousands of Casting listings. Whether you are interested in fashion modeling, commercial modeling, editorial, fine art, glamour, or runway modeling; on camera, theater, or acting for television, Casting is the right place for you.

We have success stories scattered across the fifty states that Casting members are excited to share with us. It is no wonder Casting is quickly becoming the go-to-place for actors and models starting their careers or looking for a quick and easy way to find all the best auditions.

How It Works

If you like what you have seen on Casting and have received a special invitation to join, it is easy to take the next step and receive all of the benefits offered exclusively to our members.

As a new member, your first task is to create a profile, telling Casting a bit about yourself and what types of auditions you may be interested in pursuing. In addition to creating a profile, members are encouraged to post photos and upload a resume. Our unique media links allow members to showcase their audio and video reels, clips, photos and resume in seconds – all with the single click of a button. You can find the perfect acting or modeling job by clicking through the homepage.

Using Casting is easy and it is the best way to make sure you do not miss out on your next audition.

With thousands of talent auditions available in our database, it’s easy for Casting to help make your next job or your first dream job happen.

Red Flags: 7 Signs to Help You

1. Listen to your gut. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If the company or industry professional isn’t honest with you in the beginning, you cannot expect that they will be honest in the future.

2. Gather as many details as possible about the casting.

3. Do a bit of digging. Casting respects the privacy of all its members and does not require them to submit background checks. We do, however, encourage all members to do their own research on potential castings, including asking questions, and using basic common sense.

4. Be wary of anyone who is vague, speaks in circles or answers questions with a series of other questions.

5. Proceed with caution any time someone is willing to guarantee you a job.

6. Don’t allow the intense desire to break into the industry rob you of your good senses. Beware of anyone who suggests you should invest or buy shares in a movie. Use caution if asked to pay for services you “might” need.

7. Guard all your personal and financial information and always be aware of solicitation. You became a member of Casting to find acting and modeling auditions, not to hand out financial advice or charitable contributions. Our Terms of Use strictly prohibits the use of this service for the purpose of solicitation. Please notify us immediately if another member sends you links to a pay-to-view site or includes instructions about how to call a 1-900 number.

Also, please report invitations to join other acting sites and modeling sites, or attempts to sell any merchandise or service.